PART NO: *Pallet Mule AA5000 & AA5500 Frame

*Pallet Mule AA5000 & AA5500 Frame

Line Drawing

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Identify your part using this line drawing of the frame.

Locate a part on the hydraulic unit.

  1. PU AA-55-7 Lifting Link Shaft
  2. PU AA-57 Roll Pin
  3. PU AA-50 Roll Pin
  4. PU AA-44 Ball
  5. PU AA-30 Thrust Bearing
  6. PU AA-61 Traverse
  7. PU AA-28 Snap Ring
  8. PU AA-46 Steer Wheel Axle
  9. PU AA-29 Shoulder Bolt
  10. PU AA-29N Lock Nut
  11. PU AA-64 Bearing
  12. Steer Wheel Assembly Options
  13. PU AA-36 Shoulder Bolt
  14. PU AA-39 Nut
  15. No Longer Available
  16. PU AA-51 Lock Nut
  17. PU AA-60 Bolt
  18. PU AA-58-48 Push Rod
    PU AA-58-2.9 Push Rod, 2.9" Lwrd Height
  19. PU AA-74 Bolt
  20. PU AA-52 Exit Roller
    PU AA-52-2.9 Exit Roller,2.9" Lwrd Height
  21. PU AA-62 Pivot Axle
    PU AA-62-2.9 Pivot Axle,2.9" Lwrd Height
  22. PU AA-63 Roll Pin
  23. PU AA-59-2.9 Load Roller Bracket
  24. Load Roller Assembly Options
  25. PU AA-66 Load Roller Axle
  26. PU AA-67 Cotter Pin
  27. PU AA-3/4 Washer