PART NO: *Pramac GS22 Frame

*Pramac GS22 Frame

Line Drawing

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Identify your part using this line drawing of the frame.

Locate a part on the hydraulic unit.

  1. PC G022307 Set Screw
  2. PC G032308 Nut
  3. PC S0002205040 Pivot Axle
  4. PC G044312 Roll Pin
  5. PC G056103 Entry Roller
  6. PC S0003035042 Lifting Link Shaft (NLA)
  7. No Longer Available
  8. PC G032312 Nut
  9. PC S0003015006 Eccentric
  10. PC G022223 Bolt
  11. PC S0012200159 Push Rod
  12. PC S0002205038 Push Rod Axle
  13. PC G056391 Exit Roller
  14. PC S0012201004 Load Roller Bracket
  15. PC S0002205039 Load Roller Axle
  16. PC G044307 Roll Pin
  17. Load Roller Assembly Options
  18. PC S0002206023 Bushing
  19. PC G056103-N Nut, Entry Roller Axle
  20. PC G056103-B Bolt